Monday, 23 November 2009

Here is my new characters Well what he looked like approxmatly a month ago but since all the changes in him since them have been minor i still thought i could upload these. I was going to originally post up the creation of this character and all the revolving characters in the order of which i created the. But that would revolve around me just uploading a bunch of ugly little scribbles.

Instead of trying to be pretencious, i thought i would instead just go back to the basics and just draw the stupid characters i've always enjoyed drawing. This character is inspired by earlier Looney Tunes characters like beans which set the overal style for certain Bob Clampett characters and eventually John K (i think) Although i worry that it might just look like a John K rip off so if you guys think that i have ripped off John K or Bob Clampett to much please give me a shout.

Regardless here is my character.
Apologies for the saturated scans.

Well here are two of my characters, but the main focus is the yellow guy. These drawings here dont really show my character in any soild form so there are some unusual poses and expressions here. I was just trying to figure out what size he should be at how varied i could get his expressions.

I was in Canada when i drew all these and unfortuantly they dont done celebrate Guy Fawkes Day over there. For whatever reason i felt a bit wierd that i wouldnt be around for what is overall a very medicore firework display. In relation to that i drew a very scratchy storyboard about my character trying to enjoy the glorys of bonfire night and did this slightly more solid drawing to accompany it.

I dont like this. Cant really remember what it was about.
I dont like Disney very much. This picture came from having to hear about the re-release of Snow White over and over on the t.v. Celebrating its seventy something anniversary. I remember when i was about eight Snow White had been re-released again and the VHS had the exact same advert as i saw on the t.v when they do they picture in picture before and after crap. To me, when ever something gets re released they just seem to get brighter. It wont be long until where watching a pure white screen with sound. But maybe we would have to wait for the Snow White re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release re-re-re-re-re-re-remastered before we can see something that brilliant.

I was also going to draw Mario on that picture as well. Am i the only one who is sick to death of him?

Once upon a time someone said i had a face that looked like it was melting. I feel this picture looks like it is melting.

The End

This drawing here is approximatly one week after the first drawing at the top of the post. There were a lot of rejected crappy drawings that didnt cut the mustard in between all these drawings. So i did have minor problems trying to draw things like the muzzle and the nose. Although by this point i was starting to get more confident with the range of expressions i would eventually want this character to have. It annoys me to think the whole body area is a total mess though. Makes me wonder why i cleaned it up.

Retarded hands. Flu this, flu that, thats what i heard on my travels across the land of maple syrup. So i drew this in relation to that.
This was taken from an episode of Ren and Stimpy called Rens Tootache....i think. I just needed a simple idea to try and draw. I just needed more practice drawing my own character, so that seemed like a good reference.

Over the next few posts i shall put up some of my doodles and more recent drawings and actually tell you the premise of this cartoon.