Saturday, 3 April 2010

Inked Keyframe Test

I've been experimenting with inking. One of my ideas when i started this project (mainly to save time) was to stop drawing every element of my character. So if the body wasn't moving i wouldnt have to draw it onto a new frame. This always took to much time trying to replicate the same line over and over, and took even more time when it came to inking. I also thought that if the character had this 'moving hold' look it sometimes watered down another part of the character. (expressions etc)

So what i'm doing now is a very limited form of animation, but its allowing me to put a lot more drawings into other areas. Take a look at this please and tell me what you think. Its just a very simple keyframed inked line test. I still haven't drawn out some of the character so it might look a bit funny.

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