Friday, 18 December 2009


I think i said i didnt like the way my project was going in my earlier posts (i havent read them in a while) but if i didnt say that. Then thats how i felt.

But due to spare time at work and on buses going to work i found time to try and explore my idea and characters a little further. There was a lot to explore since i didnt really have anything in the first place.

So below is me, exploring what i believe is going to be my main character.

The drawing above isnt all, but its definatly showing some minor progress in comparisons to some of the doodles i've done in my sketch books. The head on the guy in the background seems the most complete with a couple of faults such as eye and ear positioning. I like the mouth shape though. His body is on an add angle though and his hands and arms are deformed. The character closer to us is to messy.

I like this. The guy on the left is the main character..and the one on the right is his buddy or something. It wasnt supposed to be taken t o seriously but what with being so relaxed while drawing it its actually turned out better then some of my other attempts.

And here is my main character. I beginning to get used to drawing his face and working out the positions of his cheeks and how every acts around the eyes, mouth etc. Unfortunatly the arm and hand is a bit deformed but its progress. AT LAST!

I have more ideas, but i've only been home from work for 1hr and would rather sleep then write them down.

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